Continuous research, quality growth and sustainable development are commitments for us at Dema Service. The improvement of our processes is tangible and indeed we are certified  ISO 9001.

The conformance of our management systems to international standards is a point of reference for us to deliver quality service that respects the environment, people and our customers requirements. 


The Company purchases exclusively  Euro 6 certified vehicles to reduce atmospheric pollution, but we take it a step further, all vehicles are replaced every 4 years. This ensures the deployment of the latest models with cutting-edge technology for efficiency and environmental sustainability. For a dynamic company like Dema Service whose existence involves a daily presence on the roads, travelling around the world using all means of transport, the reduction of emissions and environmental impacts in general are primary objectives as well as the strong commitment we have towords our planet.


Even the most advanced, innovative and well-equipped vehicle in the world, would be left standing the garage, if there were no first class drivers to drive them.
Our well trained and qualified drivers are competent and above all aware of their responsibilities. Our team of drivers is made up exclusively of professionals with many years experience who complement their daily work with continuous training while being kept constantly up to date. Safe driving and training in the use of a digital chrono-tachograph are just a couple of examples of areas to which we in Dema Service and our drivers dedicate special attention.