By Road, Sea and Air, towards
the future and beyond...

Imagine a company that can provide your business with the best transportation services. Imagine distances and delivery times becoming shorter.

Imagine a young partner, in sync with today’s world, that merges experience and innovation offering the right answer for your requirements.

Dema Service, Leader in Europe for international transport, shipping and logistics, is all of this and more.

Customer satisfaction, optimization of the supply chain, speed and efficiency are our daily objectives. Backed by a large fleet and constant technological innovation,  synonym of quality in services and reduction of environmental impact, we offer flexible and reliable solutions that are tailored to meet your requirements.

To move your business... towards the future, and beyond!


To meet customer's real expectations, paying attention to detail and foucusing on what companies really need to transport.

Our Mission is to create a "bridge" between two realities, bringing together customers' expectations and company requirements in the best and most competitive way possible.

In order to do this, Dema Service is constantly looking towards the future, offering today the most advanced technology and the quality of the latest logistical solutions. Technology and quality that are reflected in our large fleet of vehicles and in our state of the art headquarters, heart of the company and hub of innovative technology.

Growth and Social Sustainability

A company like ours that is projected towards the future cannot avoid playing a key role in the growth and social sustainability of the environment in which it operates.


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